I’m starting to feel weird about it. Like anxious.

I envy those women who can walk out of the house without make-up and feel totally okay. Maybe not okay, but they’re brave enough to do it. Unfortunately I don’t have the best skin (adult acne sucks) and dark under eye circles so I feel I will forever, every day, be wearing this layer of synthetic shit on my face.

Isn’t it weird to think of it that way? That most people will never see a woman’s natural face? Who decided we needed all these eye enhancing, face countouring, redness camoflauging products anyway? Why did I, last week, at age 24, buy anti-wrinkle products? I feel like I’m going crazy.

I just bought a book off of amazon which kind of inspired me to write this, called “A Year Without Make-Up: Tales of a 20-Something Traveler.” I’m really tempted to not bring any make up at all to Ireland, and just wing it – fuck it, ya know? No one knows me there. Perhaps I’ll just be the ugly American or something but at least I’ll feel a bit more free.

I wonder if no makeup would do better things to my face. There are damaging properties in the chemicals and everything yahdi yahda- there’s an article I read about a 25 year old Asian woman who didn’t take off her makeup for years and she was aged 5 years past her time or something crazy. I dunno. Perhaps I should experiment – at least when it’s warmer?



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