So things have finally “calmed down” a bit. I’m not sick anymore (hooray!), have gotten tons of IKEA furniture in my condo (while still working on double payments and things, ugh), and generally things are looking better. It’s nice to feel like I finally have a home with furniture in it that I’ll be at for the next +2 years (not knowing that I have to move in a year feels great). Work’s been kinda funny in that I’ve had less of a balanced day… some days are incredibly productive while other days I just wanna play outside.

Otherwise there’s not much to report. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up on my politics, I think because right now it’s very overwhelming. I’m not sure what to focus on. I’m not sure saying anything would make a difference. On my Facebook feed, I follow a few organizations, such as CREDO mobile and UniteWomen.org, supplemented by friend’s shares of Huffington Post articles and things like that. There’s so much going on, especially in the feminist’s world, and I wonder… where do I start? And how?

This book that I referred to in my last post, Hardcore Zen, got me thinking. I don’t have the book with me at the moment, but there was something that really struck me: The world, as we know it, IS utopia, because utopia does not exist.

Basically, this is as good as we’re gonna get.

And therefore, we should be happy.

And honestly, I didn’t mind it.

Buddhism, as addressed by this book so far, is about the realization that one cannot reach enlightenment. And if one were to, we’d be disappointed, because it won’t be what we thought it was. Thing is, we never know how an outcome is supposed to be – how our dreams will turn out (whether it be a dream job that we find out isn’t so great, or a marriage that ends in agony a year later, or a new location that’s wonderful and exotic, but lacks a lot of potential friends), and so, we should cherish life as it is. Same with “utopia,” or a world without all of this violence, bigotry, hate, poverty, hunger…

Of course it’s an ideal. Thing about ideals is, they’re not really achievable. So I’ve been going on in my head… Is there a way to ever achieve close enough to this ideal to be satisfied? Or will we always be fighting? And if we choose to sit back and relax instead, how does one manage to rest in the “paradise” of our modern world, with the knowledge of how many awful things are going around past our personal bubble?

I’m not saying that we just sit and wait. In the meantime, I’m wondering if it is better to exercise love and compassion and patience than to get so angry at the world.

For better explanation, I leave you with this quote. And before you finish reading, know that I am relaying all these thoughts with an open mind — no decisions have been made yet on my part. I’m not one to let a book sway me so easily, but I am quite curious.

“The only thing that can possibly save us from our own self-induced destruction is direct knowledge of the truth… Mankind cannot survive unless the truth dawns — from within — in each and every one of us. No political solution, bellicose or peaceful, will ever save us. No law. No pact. No treaty. No war.

We have developed the capacity to destroy ourselves and each other utterly and that is never going to go away. All we can do now is develop the capacity to see that we must never use that power — and we must see this not just individually but collectively, as the human race itself, as life itself, and from the very core of our collective being.”

-Brad Warner, Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth about Reality

Will be on here again soon.


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