“Hardcore Zen”

For those of you who care, I apologize for being away. It’s been a zany month between a bacterial infection, tonsillitis, work, moving into a condo, having no money, birthdays and other parties and family obligations, etc etc… but now I am back ish. Yay July.

Unfortunately I have not encountered much inspiration to write lately. Every idea I have I seem to forget in two………. what was I saying…

I WILL update you all though that I have no real updates. Art is stagnant. Life is stagnant. S’all stagnant.

I am, however, reading a decent book. My stepfather who spoils me rotten got it for me (along with chocolate and a freezer full of microwaveable meals from Trader Joe’s) on Sunday, and I read a few chapters last night. It’s fairly interesting, entitled Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality, by Brad Warner. The initial message so far is to always question just about everything: authority, your reality, “What’s this,” etc. The part I’ve gotten to has become slightly autobiographical, so I’m chuggin’ through it, but it’s still kept me so far… and I am NOT a big reader. For anyone who has an open mind and kind of just wants to see this Buddhist’s perspective, and is into a voice with a fresh style laced with curse words and obscure references to punk bands.

Man, if I had internet at home I would totally post more… for now I’ll try and fill up with reblogs and quotes and links and the like.

I miss ye all.


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