Free Health Insurance to Every Bartender

Merrhhh. So I’m sitting at work. Mindin’ my own business. Lookin’ cute like I usually do. And all of a sudden someone on Facebook has to say something silly and forces me to let it rule my life in that moment and post something stupid back. ……………Totally not my fault.

Okay so totally was my fault but whatever. Anyway. My father (who is a self-proclaimed healthcare reform guru and insurance consultant, as well as my boss) posted a PPACA statement on Facebook regarding people wanting to claim free health care, blah blah. He mentioned citizens or those “who promise to be.” To which, his friend (and also his client, I later found out… oops) said:

“Right, we’ll be providing free health insurance to every bartender, taxi driver, service industry employee and contractor in the country.”


And…. hm.

Now I can say hm. Before I was like “WHAT THE –” and got all angry and in the simplest way possible, responded through fun easy Facebook posting skills, “That is a very close-minded statement” or something like that.

Very soon after Dad deleted it because of the whole client thing. That and after a conversation with my older sister (who I believe is always going to be just slightly wiser than me on everything) I realized it’d been a bad idea.

First of all, it don’t do no good. I feel like that kind of explains itself but here goes anyway: He could’ve been joking. He could’ve been so close-minded that he’d laugh at my statement. Whatever.

Second of all, it doesn’t make me look great either. (Retrospect.) There’s no intelligent thinking, no argument, no open-mindedness on my part as well. Man if I don’t feel silly.

Third of all, it was a retort ruled by emotion.

I suck at logic. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am the most emotional person in the world sometimes and can get sad and then happy and then mad all while trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Because logic isn’t my thing. I can feel a variety of things… empathy, sympathy, compassion, anger, depression, sick (not an emotion but I can still do it). But when it comes to explaining how I feel? Well I suck.

It’s not even explaining how I feel. It’s WHY I feel what I feel. And that’s what’s been one of my downfalls for years. No one is going to understand what you mean by just hearing what you mean. It’s being TAUGHT what you mean. You know what I mean?

So… if that isn’t a lesson learned. Thus, here goes:

I don’t appreciate that one has the perspective that every minority (or “promise-to-be” citizen of the United States) is ultimately destined to become a bartender, taxi driver, service industry employee, or contractor. Nor do I agree that all minorities ARE these things already. Nor do I believe that there aren’t plenty of majority citizens who work in McDonalds or drive cabs or are in construction. My grandfather was in construction and he’s brilliant. I’m getting ahead of myself.

It’s wrong, is what I believe, to deem what a person’s limits and classifications are based upon stereotype and every day observation. One’s perspective is always limited; with one perspective, we make clouded judgments and keep blinders on to what’s really going on. We “know” what we “know” because of what we see, not because of what is. And damn if it isn’t offensive to just throw that on Facebook as if it’s common knowledge. It’s a stereotype. Again, as I said in my last post, stereotypes have negative connotations for a reason. I sure know I wouldn’t like to be JUST cut out to be a receptionist because I’m some decently attractive white girl with a new college degree.

Perhaps after some more thinking I’ll be able to more clearly express how I’m feeling. But thinking is just that… for whatever reason, it’s not so second nature to me as feeling. I’ll work on it.


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